Hamamatsu Tube

Hamamatsu X-Ray Source

The Hamamatsu Microfocus X-ray sources were developed specifically for X-ray non-destructive inspection. Microfocus X-ray sources specifically developed for 2D and 3D nondestructive testing. A small focal point prevents blurring of x-ray images and delivers a sharp, enlarged image.

The X-ray source use an X-ray tube with a small focal spot of several micro-meters to 10 micro-meters, capable of producing a clear X-ray image even at a high magnification. The RS-232C interface is provided as a standard feature, allowing automatic operation by external control. The X-ray tube has an air-cooled and hermetically sealed structure, and is integrated with its high voltage power supply for easy handling. (High voltage cables are not required.)

Rayence Detector 1215-8 (1)-C

Rayence Flat Panel Detector

Rayence has built the world’s first full line-up of dental, medical, veterinary, and industrial X-ray detector products. Also, Rayence is the only company in Korea that has the techniques for designing CMOS Wafer, developing flat panel detectors (TFT), and using the core technology of scintillator, which is used for radiation detection. Rayence’s TFT based detectors have superior diagnostic imaging capabilities with a high grey scale range, their TFT detectors are reliable and durable with quick integration.