PCB Inspection in SMT Line

X-ray inspection plays an important role in PCB assembly by reducing the costs associated with time-consuming rework or potential field failures. Wellman X-ray system can detect a comprehensive range of defects and errors in PCB manufacturing, help to reduce your rework costs and improve your production. Each of our X-ray systems comes with the easy-to-use inspection software which will surely minimize the learning cost. We use X-ray to inspect defects parts in the PCBA, it helps optimize your product prototyping, manufacturing and yield improvement process. With X-ray inspection system, you can ensure your product quality is controlled throughout the manufacturing process, save time and money from material waste, repair and rework, not to mention all the costs of product failure.

Solder Voids Inspection

Gold Wire Bomding Inspection

SMT Component Counting

X-ray inspection also can be used in smt parts/component counting. Wellman X-ray component counting system very fast, we developed our own component image recognition AI algorithm to accelerate the counting speed. The AI-powered counting machine allows you to count 1 x 15 inch or 4 x 7-inch component reels at 99.9% accuracy in less than 15 seconds. With easy to use operation interface, the operator just needs to click one button, then it will automatically count the total amount of components in the reel, no training needed at all. Besides, the counting machine installed with a barcode reader and printer, which can be integrated into the major ERP system in factories.

Car Electronics

Due to the increasing demand for smaller, lighter, and more compact designs in car electronics, the X-ray machine is becoming more and more important in the inspection of car electronics components. X-ray systems are commonly used to inspect the wire connectors, joints, packages, insulators, assembly parts, etc. X-ray machine provides you non-destructive inspection ways to check the defect area, you can the inner picture of the components without tear it apart.