X-Ray Inspection System

X-ray inspection systems are essential in SMT assemblies line because they perform accurate non-destructive inspections which cannot be seen by optical inspection machine. X-ray machine finds and identifies defects before in-circuit or final testing, reduce production costs and improve quality. Due to the rising of PCB board complexities, especially in military electronics products, PCB assemblies manufacturers need more inspection equipment to improve yields and fulfill the quality expectations of customers. Wellman X-ray systems enable quick inspection of printed circuit board components with excellent defect coverage, the inspection of solder joints, BGA voids, Through holes, enabling users to optimize their PCB assembly process, improve quality and increase throughput.

X-Ray Component Counter

One of the latest application of x-ray image identification is SMD parts counting, compare to the traditional manual reel counter, x-ray counter will save a lot of time and labor cost in electronics manufacturing factories. Wellman x-ray component counting system provides complete inventory control for your SMT manufacturing line.

SMD Tower

SMD tower is an innovative inline storage system can help to solve the problem of material management in electronics manufacturing, without unnecessary manual movement or AGV. The system is not only a material management equipment but an enhanced unit with cloud management capabilities. By integrating with the SMD equipment, SMD tower will save a lot of time on material management! The inline storage ability enables real-time inventory management capabilities through work in progress inventory. The modular design of the hardware ensures the user to manage materials by adding or adjusting the material amount at any time according to the production capacity.

Selective Wave Soldering Machine

Selective wave soldering system is a wave soldering system that is used to selectively solder smaller areas of the bottom of a printed circuit board to solder Through-Hole components and some active SMT components and SMT passives, such as chip resistor and capacitors. Selective soldering usually does not require the entire board to pass the solder wave after the SMT patch is reflowed; instead, there is a fixed nozzle for wave soldering of the small part that needs to be soldered. Selective soldering don’t need for a second thermal excursion of the entire board, which not only protects the reduce CTE mismatch but also protects temperature-sensitive components that have been soldered to the board