When we use an X-ray inspection machine, we often need to zoom in to see the small defects of the product, and we also need to zoom out to see the entire product.

However, X-ray tubes and flat-panel detectors do not have the function of zooming in and out. X-ray sources are only responsible for emitting X-rays. Flat-panel detectors only receive X-rays and form imaging.

Therefore, as shown in the figure above, the closer the object is to the flat-panel detector and the further away from the X-ray tube, the image zooms out.
When the object is farther away from the flat panel detector and closer to the X-ray tube, the image zooms in.

The design of the machine structure of different models of each brand is different, and the implementation methods of zooming in and zooming out are also different. Wellman X-ray inspection machine X-6000, its X-ray tube and flat-panel detector are fixed, so it zooms in and zooms out by the loading platform moves up and down.

For Wellman X-ray inspection equipment X-6800, the loading platform can’t move up and down, and the functions of ascending and descending are handed over to the X-ray tube and flat panel detector.