Let’s talk the dose unit of radiation at first:

Similar to millimeters, millisievert is one of the basic units of radiation dose. For the topic of radiation safety, sievert is a large unit, which is enough to cause serious consequences, so we usually use millisievert mSv. In addition, there is a micro sievert μSv, the conversion relationship between them is: 1Sv = 1000mSv, 1mSv = 1000μSv.

In daily life, radiation is everywhere, even if you are in the wild, there is naturally radiated, but the dose is very low and low, you can not feel it, and it has no effect on your health. As shown below:


x-ray radiation level

So, what is the radiation safety dose standard?

1) Annual average effective dose for 5 consecutive years, 20mSv;

2) The effective dose in any year, 50mSv;

3) Annual equivalent dose of eye crystals, 150mSv;

4) Annual equivalent dose of limbs (hands and feet) or skin, 500 mSv.

So what is the radiation leakage standard for X-ray inspection equipment?

China’s standards are the same as international standards,≤ 1μSv / h.

However, the standard of Wellman X-ray inspection system is much higher. Our standard is no radiation leakage, we will bring detector to customer’s workshop to measure the radiation, so you can rest assured!